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How to enable and create App Passwords in MDaemon and Remote Administration

App Passwords are very strong, randomly-generated passwords for use in email clients and apps to help make your email apps more secure since applications cannot be protected by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

App Passwords are only available for clients and cannot be used to sign in to Webmail or MDaemon Remote Administration. If an App Password were somehow compromised, the unauthorized user would not be able to login to Webmail or MDRA to change your password and/or other settings.  This allows the end user to login to Webmail with the account's password using two-factor authentication to revoke the app password.

Enable App Passwords in the MDaemon GUI or Remote Administration
    • In MDaemon, open the GUI and select Accounts
    • Select Account Settings
    • Select Other
    • Select Passwords
    • Select Enable app passwords
    • Recommended - Enable Require Two-Factor Auth to set up app passwords
    • Optional - Enable Delete app passwords when account password is changed

Enable the ability for accounts to edit app passwords.

By default, the option to edit app passwords is enabled.  However, the option can be enabled/disabled per-user in the Account Editor, per-group using the Groups and Templates manager, or enabled for all accounts.  The 'New Accounts' template in the Groups and Templates manager has the option to apply defined Web Services for all accounts.

The steps below detail how to apply Web Services options for all MDaemon accounts in the MDaemon GUI.
    • Select Accounts
    • Select Groups and Templates
    • Expand the Template Manager
    • Expand New Accounts
    • Select Mail Services
    • Select ...edit app passwords
    • Click Apply to all accounts now to apply all options enabled on this menu to all MDaemon accounts.  

To apply Web Services to a Group, see the article below for creating an MDaemon group, creating a template, and applying the template to a group.

How to create and configure Groups and Templates in MDaemon

Once App Passwords have been enabled, they can be generated in Webmail, in the MDaemon Configuration Session (GUI), and/or MDaemon Remote Administration.

Click the article below to generate App Passwords in Webmail.

How to create App Passwords in Webmail

How to create an App Password in the MDaemon Configuration Session (GUI)

  • Open the MDaemon Configuration Session/GUI
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Account Manager
  • Double click on the account to create the app password(s) for.
  • Select App Passwords
  • Enter an App Password name
  • Click Create to display the App Password. Keep this password secure and/or apply it to the client as this password will not be displayed again.


How to create an App Password in Remote Administration

  • Login to Remote Administration as a global administrator. 
  • Click Main
  • Click Account Manager
  • Click on an account and click Edit
  • Click App Passwords in the Account Settings
  • Click New
  • Enter a name for the App Password
  • Click Save to generate the App Password for use. Keep this password secure and/or apply it to the client as this password will not be displayed again.