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How to bypass Location Screening using Two Factor Authentication for Webmail logins

This article explains how to use two-factor authentication to bypass the location screening login attempts in Webmail if the location screening is being utilized on the MDaemon mail server and the login attempt is coming from a blocked location.

Bypassing the Location Screening configuration can be achieved by navigating to the user's mailbox directory on the server and editing the user's control file.

  1. Open MDaemon
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Edit Account
  4. Double click on the account to modify.
  5. Select Mail Folder & Groups to find the user's mailbox directory path.
  6. Open the WC folder.
  7. Open the User.ini file in a text editor.
  8. Navigate to the [User] section.
  9. Add the following line to this section.
    • BypassLocationScreeningTFA=Yes
  10. Save and close the INI file.