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How do I change the default Start MDaemon shortcut action?

Beginning with MDaemon Email version 19.0.0, the "Start MDaemon" Start Menu shortcut on new installs now defaults to opening a browser to MDaemon Remote Administration rather than opening an MDaemon Configuration Session.

Existing installations are not modified.

Follow the steps below to modify the startup to open a Configuration Session window and/or continue to use Remote Administration.

To change the "Start MDaemon" behavior:

  1. Navigate to the directory where MDaemon is installed
  2. Open the App directory
  3. Open the MDaemon.ini file in a text editor
  4. Search for [MDLaunch]
  5. Edit the OpenConfigSession= line to Yes or No
  6. Edit the OpenRemoteAdmin= line to Yes or No
  7. Save the MDaemon.ini file