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How to report undetected or false-positive messages scanned by the ClamAV Antivirus scanner

If the ClamAV scan result matches either of the scenarios below, please follow the corresponding links to report and submit files and/or messages to ClamAV.

Please verify that ClamAV's virus definitions have been updated.  

To do this:

  1. Open MDaemon
  2. Select Security
  3. Select ClamAV Plugin...
  4. Verify the definition date is the current date and/or click Update signature now
    • The update results will be logged in the MDaemon-YYYYMMDD-Plug-ins.log file in the Logs directory.
    • The default logs directory is \MDeamon\Logs


What to do with a virus that is not being detected by ClamAV

If you have made sure that your virus definitions are updated and ClamAV is not detecting it, click the link below and submit the file to ClamAV.

What to do when a virus has been incorrectly detected by the ClamAV engine (False Positive)

Click the link below to report and submit false positive messages to ClamAV.