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How to create App Passwords in Webmail

This article details how to generate a App Passwords in Webmail to authenticate account clients using SMTP, IMAP, ActiveSync, etc...

Contact your email administrator if App Passwords are not available to you in Webmail.  If you have access to the MDaemon server or have a global administrator login for Remote Administration, review the article below. 

How to enable and create App Passwords in MDaemon and Remote Administration

  • Login to a Webmail account that has the ability to edit app passwords.
  • Select Options or the gear icon (depending on the Webmail theme used).
  • Select Security
  • Navigate to the App Passwords section. If Require Two-Factor Auth to set up app passwords is enabled and has not been setup, the window below is displayed.

Click the article below to setup Two Factor Authentication.

How do I enable two-factor authentication for Webmail/Remote Administration?

  • Once Two Factor Authentication has been setup, navigate back to Webmail's Security menu and enter your current password in the Password Required text box.
  • In the App Passwords section, select New App Password.
  • Enter a name for the app password and click OK. 
  • The app password will be displayed.  Keep this password secure and/or apply it to the client as this password will not be displayed again. If lost or forgotten, the app password should be revoked and a new app password should be created.
  • Click OK to view a list of the existing App Passwords.

For added security, it is recommended to generate separate app passwords for each client or application. 

  • To Revoke an App Password, click the Revoke button next to the client name and click OK.