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How do I enable and/or schedule MDaemon AntiVirus mailbox scanning?

MDaemon Email version 18 above with AntiVirus has the ability to scan user mailboxes. Scanning can be configured to run once, every X number of days, and/or scan messages less than X number of days old.

To enable mailbox scanning:

  1. Open MDaemon 
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Antivirus
  4. Check Scan all mailboxes every 7 days
    • 7 days is the default value.
    • Messages older than 30 days are not scanned.
  5. Click Configure mailbox scan to open the menu to configure the following:
    • Edit the number of days before a scan is performed.
    • Edit the age of messages the scanner should scan.
    • Run a mailbox scan immediately.