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How do I generate a link to a MDaemon Webmail calendar that anyone can view?

MDaemon version 18 introduced a feature to allow Webmail users to generate a URL to view a calendar. This feature is only available in the WorldClient or LookOut themes. This feature is enabled by default.

To generate a public link to a calendar:

  1. Log into the MDaemon Webmail account.
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Folders
  4. Find the Calendar to publish.
  5. Select Share Folder
  6. Click the Public Access tab.
  7. (Optional) Choose a Display Name
  8. (Optional) Choose a Password
  9. Click Publish Calendar
  10. A pop-up will appear displaying a notification a URL will be generated that anyone can view.
  11. Click OK to view the published URL.
  12. Click OK to return to the Public Access where the following options are available:
    • View the published URL
    • Update the Published Name and/or Password
    • Unpublish a calendar

To enable/disable this feature globally, open the \MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini file and edit the EnablePublicCalendars entry to EnablePublicCalendars=No.  

To enable/disable this feature per user, open the \MDaemon\Users\(domain)\(account)\WC\user.ini file and add the EnablePublicCalendars=No tag to disable or EnablePublicCalendars=Yes to enable.