How do I add a new domain and users to Security Gateway?

This article explains how to add a domain and user(s) to Security Gateway. 

The purpose of allowing users to access to the Security Gateway web-client is to view messages, personal quarantine queue, edit account settings, and edit personal white/black list settings.

When a user verification source is configured, users verified by Security Gateway against the source will be added to Security Gateway.  Domains can be configured/added in the same fashion by enabling Automatic Domain Creation.

To create a new domain in Security Gateway:
  1. Login to Security Gateway as the Global Administrator.
  2. Select Setup/Users
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Select Domains and Users
  5. Select New
    • This will open a pop-up menu to create a new domain and configure domain properties.
  6. Select Save and Close when finished.

Users can then be added once the new domain is configured.

To add new users to a domain:

  1. Click on the domain in the Domain list.
  2. Click the Users button to bring up the User list.
  3. Select New
    This will open a pop-up menu to create the user, user properties, and aliases.
  4. Select Save and Close when finished.