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How to allow multiple POP3 clients to access an account simultaneously

By default, MDaemon prevents multiple POP3 accounts from accessing a single account at the same time. When this occurs, MDaemon will prevent the second client from connecting and log "ERR maildrop already locked" and closing the POP3 session.

In MDaemon version 18.5 or newer, follow the steps below to configure MDaemon to allow multiple POP3 clients to connect to a single account.

  1. Navigate to the App folder in the directory where MDaemon is installed; C:\MDaemon\App
  2. Open the MDaemon.ini file in a text editor.
  3. Search for the [Special] section.
  4. Create a new line underneath [Special]
  5. Enter CreatePOPLockFiles=No
  6. Save the MDaemon.ini file