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How do I bind Webmail to additional IP addresses and ports?

This article will help you configure your MDaemon server to set Webmail to bind to additional IP addresses and Ports.

  1. Open the MDaemon Configuration Session
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Web & IM Services…
  4. Select Webmail
  5. Select Web Server
  6. Specify the IP addresses and Ports here, separated by commas.
    1. Use the following format for inputting information information into this field: ‘IP Address:Port’ to designate a port (example:
    2. In the text box that states Bind Webmail's web server to these IPs/ports only specify the IP addresses or ports that you want to restrict Webmail to use.

Additional Comments

MDaemon will use the default TCP port specified in the field 'Run Webmail server using this TCP port’ and the default HTTPS port specified on the SSL & HTTPS screen if you do not include a port.

If this field is blank then Webmail will monitor all IP addresses designated for your default domain and any extra domains under Domain Manager.

This option is not available when running Webmail using an external web server such as IIS, Apache, etc.