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How to collect hang dumps to send to Technical Support

In some instances, MDaemon Technologies' Support may require hang dumps to troubleshoot application hanging issues. When instructed by support, please follow the steps below when the process is already hanging, begins to hang, or is not responding.

If you have not yet contacted our support team, please submit a support request before collecting and submitting any dump files. 

Request Support

Please verify the latest version of the hanging application has been installed before collecting dump files.

Collecting several memory dumps of the process that is hanging while it is in this state should allow us to diagnose the issue.

There are several programs that can be used to generate dump files. We recommend using Microsoft's Debug Diagnostic Tool, which can be downloaded from the link below. 

Debug Diagnostic Tool v2.3

After the download is complete, install Debug Diagnostic Tool by double clicking on the downloaded file.

  1. Select Start
  2. Select Programs
  3. Select Debug Diagnostics Tool 2 and launch  Debug Diag 2 Collection
    • If you are obtaining crash dumps for MDaemon you will need to close any open instances of the MDaemon Configuration console (also known as Ghost), but leave the service running.
  4. If the Rule Wizard is open select Cancel
  5. Select the Processes Tab
  6. Select the process that is hanging, for example if MDaemon is hanging you would choose MDaemon.exe
  7. Right click on that process and select Create Userdump Series
  8. In the field for Generate a UserDump every XX seconds, enter 60
  9. In the field for Stop after generating X UserDumps, enter 4
  10. Select the radio button for Collect Full UserDumps
  11. Select Save & Close
  12. Note the directory given in the popup where the memory dumps will be stored
  13. You may be prompted to set the symbol path to the same value as used during analysis, select Yes

This will start the process of creating 4 memory dumps, 60 seconds apart.  

If needed, we can provide you access to our FTP server to submit dump files that cannot be sent via email.