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How to disable Webmail notifications in Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari

The WorldClient and LookOut Webmail themes support desktop notifications.

When the user logs in and the theme loads, the browser will prompt whether or not the user will allow desktop notifications.  

Follow the directions below to disable these desktop notifications in Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.


  1. Open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome://settings
  2. Select Show advanced settings
  3. Under Privacy, select Content Settings...
  4. Select Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications.
  5. Select Ask when a site wants to show desktop notifications to have the browser ask before showing notifications.
  6. Select Manage exceptions... to view/edit sites that have been granted permission to show notifications.


  1. Navigate to the WorldClient log-in page
  2. Right click in the browser
  3. Select View Page Info
  4. Select the Permissions tab
  5. Scroll down to the Notifications section
  6. Check the Block bubble


  1. Open Safari
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click Notifications
  4. Find WorldClient in the list of websites
  5. Select Deny or click Remove