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How to modify ActiveSync rollback and corrupt message notifications

Follow the steps below to configure MDaemon to enable or disabled rollback and/or corrupt messages notifications to administrators and/or users.

By default, MDaemon's ActiveSync service will not send administrators or users notifications if an ActiveSync rollback has occurred, indicating an account may be out of sync. MDaemon does send administrators and users notifications if a message corruption has taken place. The steps below how to modify these notification settings.

Sync Rollback Notifications

The ActiveSync Service can notify the administrators if a client is repeatedly/frequently sending expired Sync Keys in Sync operations.

These merely inform the admin that the server issued a rollback for a given collection because a client made a sync request with the most recently expired Sync Key. The subject states "ActiveSync Client Using expired Sync Key." This could occur because of a network issue or something about the content previously sent to the client in that collection. In some cases, the item ID will be there, it merely depends upon whether or not the previous sync on that collection sent any items.

Rollback warnings do not mean the client is out of Sync, it means that the client has the potential to go out of Sync and our internal system detected it. Rollback warnings are issued for a collection no more than once per 24 hour period. The following keys can be edited under the [System] header in the \MDaemon\Data\AirSync.ini file: 

  • SendRollbackNotifications=Yes/No
    (Default is disabled)
  • RollbackNotificationThreshhold=[1-254]
    The number of rollbacks that must occur on a given collection prior to a notification being sent to the admin. We recommend a value of at least 5 here, since Network hiccups play a part in this. (Default is 10)
  • RollbackNotificationCCUser=Yes/No
    Whether or not to CC the user whose client sent that expired Sync Key. (Default is disabled)

ActiveSync Corrupt Message Notifications

The ActiveSync Service can notify the administrators if a particular message cannot be processed. These are sent in real time to inform the admin of a mail item that could not be parsed and that further action on this item is not possible. The subject states "Corrupt message notification". These items, in previous versions, could lead to a crash. In most cases, the content of the msg file will not be MIME data. If it is MIME data, it is likely corrupt. You can choose to CC the affected user of these notifications with the CMNCCUser key so that they are aware that an email has arrived in their mailbox that is un-readable. The appropriate action for these is to move the designated msg file from the user's mailbox and analyze it to determine both why it is not able to be parsed and how it came to exist in the state that it is in. The following keys can be edited under the [System] header in the \MDaemon\Data\AirSync.ini file:

  • SendCorruptMessageNotifications=Yes/No
    (Default is Enabled)
  • CMNCCUser=Yes/No
    (Default is Enabled)