How do I send a fax using an email client?

This article details how to use an email client to submit a fax instead of using the RelayFax printer driver.

Most of the time, printing to the RelayFax Printer Driver from within a Windows application will create a fax. However, it is possible, and sometimes most effective, to load up your email client and directly generate a message to be faxed. This is done by composing your email message and addressing it to one of the email accounts that you know RelayFax is monitoring. For example, if RelayFax is collecting all the email messages sent to then sending your message to that address will get it faxed. Several special considerations must be observed in order to use this method of faxing.

When you address your email message you can specify just a fax number on the TO: line like this: '(519) 555-0199 ' <user01@example.comg>

You can also specify the recipient’s name, company information, and fax number like this: '(519) 555-0199', Megan Ball, Research In Motion Limited <>

Note how each part within the quotations is separated by a comma. The format is like this: [Open Quote]FAX NUMBER[Comma]PERSONAL NAME[Comma]COMPANY NAME[Close Quote]

Additional Comments

If you are using Outlook or another email Client that will separate addresses by commas, you will need to disable this feature within the Email client. Some email clients will not let you place ' ' in the To field. If this is your case you will need to address your email message like this:

  • TO: 555-0199, Megan Ball, Research In Motion Limited,

Notice the missing ' '.