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How do I migrate from Microsoft Exchange to MDaemon?

MDaemon includes the MDMigrator, a tool that may be used to migrate your users, mailboxes, public folders and settings from Exchange into MDaemon.

The MDMigrator program (MDMigrator.exe) allows an Administrator to extract data from mailboxes, public folders, and account management information from a Microsoft Exchange Server and then migrate this data into MDaemon.

The program copies all the mailboxes from the selected server and creates MDaemon mailboxes for each user and imports all of their mail, contacts, task, notes, and calendar data. Distribution lists that are found are copied from address books and are imported as mailing lists in MDaemon.

The MDMigrator.exe application is located in the \MDaemon\App directory.

The latest update to mdmigrator.txt will be located in \MDaemon\App directory.

Migrate from Microsoft Exchange Server to MDaemon

Installation Requirements

  • A user with full access to all Exchange mailboxes.  
    • Exchange 5.5: Must have Exchange 'Service Account Admin' privileges.
    • Exchange 2000: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262054
    • Exchange 2003: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/821897
    • Exchange 2007: In the Exchange Management Shell, use the following command to allow access to all mailboxes on a given mailbox store:
      • Add-ADPermission -identity 'mailbox database' -user 'serviceaccount' -ExtendedRights Receive-As 
  • MDaemon is installed on the computer.
  • The bit version of Outlook must be the same bit version of MDaemon.
  • The computer must be a member of the Exchange server's domain.
  • MDaemon has been started at least once.
  • The default domain name has been set in MDaemon.
  • MDaemon is shut down for the migration.
  • Outlook 2003 or later installed on the computer running MDMigrator.
  • An Outlook profile is setup with a user that has full access to all Exchange mail boxes.
  • The user logged into Windows is a domain administrator.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Select the Outlook Profile configured with the administrator account for the Exchange server

Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Verify correct Exchange server is listed
  • Select proper group (Defaults to First Storage Group)
  • Verify the name of the primary domain you are migrating.
  • Check migrate secondary domains to create domains other than the primary domain in MDaemon.

Ready to Migrate data

  • Review your selections

Migrating Data

  • Shows the results of the migration process.

Log File

For debugging purposes a log file for the MDMigrator is created. It can be found at \MDaemon\Logs\migration.log.  If no error is listed, the migration process was successful.


To be able to connect to the Exchange server, the computer must be a member of the Exchange server domain and using a Exchange domain controller for DNS.

The Exchange server must be running and on the same network as the computer.

Verify that the user associated with the Exchange mailbox in the Outlook profile has sufficient rights.

The MDMigrator is designed to work with the same version of MDaemon that it is distributed with, do not attempt to use it with a different version of MDaemon.

Additional Comments

The latest update to mdmigrator.txt will be located in the \MDaemon\App directory.

Watch the how-to video here: