What do I need to know before I install RelayFax installation?

This article covers the information that you will need to have before installation RelayFax.

RelayFax's installation program will ask you a number of questions during the installation process that are required to properly configure your server. While it is possible to enter this information after installation, you can save time and end your installation with a fully configured server by knowing the answers to these questions before you begin. You will need to know:

  • The drive and directory in which you wish to install RelayFax (the default is C:\RelayFax).
  • The registered user's name and company.
  • The Email address that RelayFax will monitor for outbound faxes.
  • The default Email address that RelayFax will send all incoming faxes to.
  • Which components you will install at this time:
    • the server application and support files.
    • the cover page creation utility.
    • the printer drivers.

For the Server Installation you need to know:

  • Your Company name. (Example: Research In Motion Limited)
  • The Identification String that you wish to assign to your fax device (this is usually the same as your company name). In some areas of the world this string is required.
  • Your fax and voice numbers.
  • The domain name or IP address of your mail server. (If you are running an internal Mail Server like MDaemon, you can use the Internal IP address of this machine. This could also be your ISPs mail server.)
  • The logon and password for the RelayFax account on your mail server or at your ISP.

For the Client Installation you need to know:

  • The domain name or IP address of your mail server or the ISPs mail server.
  • Your email address.
  • The email address of the RelayFax mail account.

Additional Comments

RelayFax is not compatible with long file names. Do not assign names longer than 8 characters to these directories.