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How to sync contacts to Thunderbird

The following article details how to sync contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird using CardDAV.

Thunderbird supports CardDav natively, allowing the client to sync contact lists from MDaemon.

Follow the steps below to sync a MDaemon contact list to Thunderbird.

  1. Open the Address Book in Thunderbird
  2. Click New Address Book
  3. Click Add CardDAV Address Book
  4. Enter the Username and Location URL to the Contact list to add.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Enter the Username and Password when prompted for authentication credentials.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Continue to add the contact list.

URL Templates

*Replace {server host name} with the server host name or IP address

Personal Contacts
The "addressbook" directory is a shortcut to the user's own default addressbook.
http://{server host name}/webdav/addressbook - logged in user's default contacts folder
http://{server host name}/webdav/addressbook/friends - the logged in user's "friends" contacts folder
http://{server host name}/webdav/addressbook/folder/personal - the logged in user's "personal" contacts folder that's in a "folder" subfolder

Shared Contacts
The "contacts" path is a shortcut to shared contact folders.
http://{server host name}/webdav/contacts/company.mail/user2 - user2@company.mail's default contact folder
http://{server host name}/webdav/contacts/company.mail/user2/test - user2@company.mail's "test" contact folder

Public Contacts
The "public-contacts" path is a shortcut to public contact folders.
http://{server host name}/webdav/public-contacts/company.mail - domain's default contact folder
http://{server host name}/webdav/public-contacts/test - "test" contact folder in the root of the public folder hierarchy