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How to upgrade the SecurityGateway Firebird database to version 3

SecurityGateway versions 7.0 and above support Firebird version 3. New installations will automatically build a version 3 database, while upgrades from versions prior to SecurityGateway 7.0 will not be upgraded.

Follow the steps below to covert the Firebird database to version 3.
  1. Stop the SecurityGateway service.
  2. Open a command prompt as administrator.
  3. Use the change directory command to point to the \SecurityGateway\App folder.
    cd <drive_letter>:\<directory_path>\SecurityGateway\App\
  4. Enter the following command; sgdbtool convertfb3
  5. Restart SecurityGateway when the command is finished.
If the database has already been upgraded, the output below will be displayed and the SecurityGateway services can be restored.
  • Database file [<drive_letter>:\<directory_path>\SecurityGateway\App\SecurityGateway.fbd] is already in Firebird 3.x format