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How do I create and edit user permissions for Public Folders?

This article describes how to create or modify public folder permissions for users, groups, or domains.

  1. Open the MDaemon console
  2. Click the Setup menu
  3. Click Public Folder Manager
  4. Select the desired Folder name
  5. Click Edit ACLs to open the permissions to the folder
  6. Click Edit
  7. The following options will now be available
    • Select an existing account to modify
    • Click Add to bring up the account picker
    • Select an existing account and click Remove to remove all permissions for a selected account
  8. Choose from the available permissions
    • Administer – user can administer the ACL for this folder
    • Create – user can create sub-folders within this folder
    • Delete – user can delete items from this folder
    • Mark Read – user can change the read/unread status of messages in this folder
    • Insert – user can append and copy items into this folder
    • Lookup Folder – user can see this folder in his personal list of IMAP folders
    • Post – user can send mail directly to this folder (if folder allows)
    • Read – user can open this folder and view its contents
    • Write – user can change flags on messages in this folder
  9. Select OK to return to the public folder manager
  10. Select OK to return to the MDaemon GUI