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How do I move SecurityGateway to a new server or operating system?

The following article will demonstrate how to migrate SecurityGateway to a new server or after an OS upgrade.

To backup the Security Gateway database, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the Security Gateway site with a global administrator account.
  2. Select Setup/Users
  3. Select Database
  4. Select Backup
  5. Click Click here to backup entire database now
    • Choose Click here to backup/export configuration data now if you only with to export configuration settings and not any database entries.
    • The backup window will open and show the backup progress
    • The window can be closed and will continue to backup or the window can remain open to monitor the progress

  1. Shut down the Security Gateway service, either using the Services control-panel or the Stop Security Gateway icon in the Start Menu.
  2. Install Security Gateway on the new server, in the desired location.
  3. Copy the database file to the new server.
  4. Log into the Security Gateway web-server with a global administrator account.
  5. Select Setup/Users
  6. Select Database
  7. Select Restore
  8. Click Choose File
  9. Select the backup or configuration file.
  10. Click Upload Backup File
  11. Select the checkbox next to the uploaded backup file in the Restore section.
  12. Click the Restore button
  13. A warning message will appear stating "data created or modified since the backup file was created will be lost." Click OK if this is acceptable.
  14. The Restore window will show the progress
  15. Once the restore is completed, the current Security Gateway session will expire and logout the session.
  16. The restore is now complete. Log into Security Gateway with the global administrator account to verify the restore was successful.

Additional Comments

If you have installed a certificate on the original machine, you will need to create a new certificate once your move is complete.